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All Party Starz Entertainment
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200 Oakfield Ct. W #200A
Lancaster, PA 17603
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All Party Starz Entertainment - DJs

My name is Eric Godfrey. I am originally from Hanover PA and I started DJ’ing many years ago. We moved to AZ and I built a very successful DJ company in Arizona, but have returned to my friends and family here in Central PA.
Your wedding day is exactly that, YOUR Wedding DAY. The day is about you and your guests.
I want your day to be a special day that you can cherish forever. I want it to be as perfect as possible and I want you, your friends and family to remember it as one of the best celebrations of your lives.

As someone married a long time, I can tell you a successful marriage is about communicating effectively. A great wedding day is also about communications.
We need to discuss your styles, your likes, your family and friends. My wedding DJ experience allows me to help you in planning and in setting up an event that will flow smoothly and keep focus on the two of you, while keeping the energy level positive and fun.

We are going to go over every event (i.e father daughter dance, first dance, etc) and how you want it handled. We’ll talk about the order of those events and go over option s for each. The song you choose for each event will be played for that event which will be handled in the manner we have discussed. I will share how different approaches will affect the event.

In talking to brides and grooms over the years some words and phrases have come up most often.. They want fun events that are “unique” and “memorable”. Ask us how we can help give you special moments that will fulfill those needs.

Wedding couples want a “reliable” & “professional” DJ that will run their event smoothly while making the event fun and entertaining. I founded and ran one of the most successful DJ companies in the US until 2013.

Check Starz Entertainment in Phoenix AZ, for more history on my professionalism and reliability.

In the event you have been reading a bunch of DJ sites, let me address a couple of issues. If looking at a DJ and their major claim is having tens of thousands of songs, and the best equipment and the best lights make sure you are comfortable with them and talk about how they will run your event. These are much more important issues. Let me explain. The average song is about 4 minutes.

That means if playing non-stop (they won’t be) that means 15 songs an hour or 75 songs in a 5 hour event. The key is reading your crowd and knowing WHAT songs to play and WHEN. That DJ with 100,000 songs has about 99,900 songs you do not need. Most DJ gear is interchangeable.. We use some of the best brands and provide a great lighting show.

Give me a call today so we can get together and chat about your event. There is no obligation and I guarantee you will come out of our meeting better educated about how you want your event to run.

Located in Lancaster, PA