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AMX DJ Events
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8557 Research Blvd. 124
Box 180123
Austin, TX 78758
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AMX Casino Events - DJs

Our DJs are great for weddings, corporate and private entertainment. We will make sure to deliver the greatest quality and make your experience the most enjoyable! One of our professional DJ will meet with you in advance to make sure the music is the most appropriate for you and your guests.


Our professional DJ will provide the following:

- Meet before your wedding to discuss the details.
- Personalize any announcements to best meet your needs.
- Follow-up and be available for questions you might have.
- Personalize your play list and requests, as well as, alert you to any songs you may need to supply.
- Be ready to play 30 minutes prior to the wedding event.
- Coordinate with other vendors to ensure a smooth experience.
- MC professional announcements.
- Commercial Lighting and Sound with a wireless microphone.
- A wide variety of classic and current hits.
- Minimum 5 years of experience orchestrating weddings.

Located in Austin, TX