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DJ Duni Entertainment Group
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7205 NW. 173 DR #603
Miami Lakes, FL, FL 33015
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DJ Duni Entertainment Group - DJs

Duniel Deya was born in Habana, Cuba in 1984. He was raised with a lot of music surrounding him and it became his passion when he was only 7 years old. In 1995 Duniel becomes a US Resident and moves to the city of Miami where at only 14 years old he found T, the world's best known website database for cuban music. Since then he has been contributing to T, his own Blog “En Frecuencia”, photos and interviews. While working as a reporter for , Bamboleo, Giraldo Piloto, Gardi, El Clan, El Pikete, N’Taya, Haila, Tiempo Libre, Elain, Manolin, Pachito Alonso, Pupy, Calixto Oviedo, Alain Daniel, Danny Lozada, Angel Bonne, Carlos Manuel, members of Los Van Van and many others.

At age 16 he started his career as a local DJ playing music in events and private parties by the name of DJ Duni working with “D & Q Mobile Djs” along David Quiñones and Glenn Quiñones (DJ GQ). In September 21st, 2001 Duni brought his talent to “Flamingo Festival” where he openly promoted Timba and cuban music from morning to night. This was a date he will never forget, over 200 people dancing and having fun to the music he loves and this made him realize that there are people in Miami who love this music and there’s hope for it to be played in all radio stations.

Duni has a goal of promoting Timba and cuban rhythms in local radio stations and around the world, even thought Miami is a tough city because of all the anti-Castro politicians he still has plenty of hope. He also played music live at Carlos Manuel’s US Tour concert in Miami and also the cuban group “Vocal Sampling”.

Playing music was not enough for Duniel so he went into the Salsa Casino World. He took salsa lessons in a “Regnier’s Dance Studio” where he climbed all the way to become a salsa instructor. He is a 3rd place winner of the International Salsa Championship and was awarded for an “Outstanding Performance” as an instructor of Irene Dance Studio. In 2005, Duniel teamed up with Cristian Muñoz to create a unique Cuban Music show online in , he brought to the internet the latest of the Cuban music world and was able to reach high volumes of visits to the site. In 2006, Duniel starts moving towards his goal and has begun his studies towards a “Music Business Management” degree. The year 2007 was a brand new stage in DJ Duni’s career since he started his own company “DJ Duni Entertainment” which will not only offer DJ Services but also catering, photographer, dancers, live bands and much more. He loves to entertain his crowd, he enjoys taking over the microphone and making your event, whether is a wedding or a house party, as much fun as possible.

Located in Miami Lakes, FL, FL