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Lady Starr Virtual DJ Service
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91 Michigan Avenue
Fort Campbell, KY 42223
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Lady Starr Virtual DJ Service - DJs

Lady Starr operates an online R&B radio streaming service 24/7 and she has plenty of experience as a radio personality which contributes highly to her talent as a DJ/Broadcaster.  She has worked on-air and MC'd events for the military and in small and major markets.

Lady Starr now offers the Lady Starr Virtual DJ Service, (a subsidiary of Lady Starr Online Radio) a very affordable, unique and rare form of musical entertainment.  The Virtual DJ Service intent is to provide customers with an opportunity for choosing to have music provided via the internet without the presence of a DJ; music can be streamed from anywhere in the USA with songs you select from any genre of music (Country, Rock, Pop, Hip-hop, R&B, Old School, Jazz, Gospel etc.) to benefit a baby/bridal/Jack & Jill shower, birthday party of any age, graduation party, wedding, reception or any other special day event. If you prefer to have a DJ onsite, up to a 100 mile traveling radius can be accommodated for you as well.  Please click the "Virtual DJ Service Link" on the

Gone are the days of waiting for a DJ to arrive at an event.  With the advent of new technology, the term virtual is on the cutting edge to become a trend and will eventually change the DJ music industry as we know it. 

To sample the virtual DJ experience, please visit her website and click the "Virtual DJ Service Link" on the homepage and then click the "Sample Virtual DJ Player Tab" or contact her today to get started.

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Located in Fort Campbell, KY