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Pharaohs Entertainment
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790 Applewood Ct.
Jackson, NJ 08527
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Pharaohs Entertainment - DJs

No matter what the style, our DJ sets more than just the mood for your
event. The sight and sound created by our performers builds an atmosphere
designed to excite the senses. As you gather your ideas, visualize the delight
on the listener's faces, and know that you are making your party more than just
a party, but an affair to remember.

Pharaoh’s Entertainment Group began in 1985 as a small band from
Jersey City, NJsimply named "The Pharaohs ". With the
breakup of the group in 1989, George Mousa, the band’s keyboardist, broke out on
his own and since then has shared the stage with some the most popular singers
and musicians in and around the Metropolitan Area not to mention the Middle East. He is a recognized performer in the tri-state’s most prestigious Middle Eastern Clubs, Wedding and Party Venues.
Even with the success of his private endeavors, George held on to his dream to
start another band. In 1995 George met the very talented singer and front man,
Waleed Albakry who just relocated fromCairo, Egyptto New York City. The musical
chemistry began a partnership that would eventually become "Pharaohs". George
and Waleed worked very hard to find the right musicians for the band. By late
1995 the new Pharaohs was formed.

In very short time and after much hard work, "The Pharaohs" were a big success! They were in high demand from the Arabic and Egyptian community because they were so unique and gave a quality performance to their clients. A great talented singer with a group of the best musicians on a single stage made "The Pharaohs” stand out from all the other bands in the market.

Needless to say, by the year 2000, "The Pharaohs D.J." Project
was added to the successful Pharaohs Entertainment and was in equal demand.
People began hiring the D.J.’s for events such as Henna, Weddings, Graduations
and Sweet Sixteen parties just to name a few.

George Mousa would like to extend his heartfelt thanks to every one from
his community that hired and supported them.

Located in Jackson, NJ