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DJ Mix Master Mitch
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3884 Belmont Ridge Dr. Suite 1
Atlanta, GA 30309
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DJ Mix Master Mitch - DJ entertainment in Atlanta

DJ Mix Master Mitch is Atlanta's premier provider of DJ services and he seizes every opportunity to make your wedding memorable. Whether a small wedding of 50 people or a large guest list of 250 people, the Mix Master lives for these moments to make a special occasion even more extraordinary.

DJ MMM plays everything from the top hits of today to old favorites. Whether you desire R&B, Rock, Disco, Hip Hop, Country, Meringue, Old School, Salsa or another genre of music, DJ MMM will customize a playlist suitable to your needs and the needs of your wedding.

No matter the size of your event, DJMMM can customize a package that’s just right for you and your budget. DJ MMM grew up surrounded by music and has been entertaining since he was young.


Located in Atlanta, GA