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Celebration Ballroom and Celebration Dance
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13659 Victory Blvd.., #122
Woodland Hills, CA 91303
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Celebration Ballroom and Celebration Dance - Entertainment

THE CELEBRATION BALLROOM is all about providing good, clean, healthy dance fun for everyone that comes through our door and it’s the kind of fun that will serve you for a lifetime! We already have an amazing, energetic “dance family” of all ages, shapes, colors and sizes that are learning how to dance and have fun together every week in our classes and at our activities and you'll feel right at home within a few minutes of walking in the door the first time. This is also the opportunity for you to build lifelong friendships with many of these amazing people if you would like to.

CAN WE TEACH? Our staff of fully certified professionals achieves amazing results with everyone that walks in our doors. Our success is a result of the dedication of the studio director, Wiley Hicks Simpson who is the consummate teacher himself and he has assembled a staff of teacher’s dedicated to the same goal of making your dance dreams come true. It’s a dynamite combination and you reap the benefits!

CAN YOU LEARN? Our advanced level students were once beginners like you. They had all these same question in their minds too when they started.. This studio was built with the Newcomer, the beginner in mind. So if you are under the illusion that you have two Left feet or have no ability, we’ll get rid of that myth in your first class! Anyone that wants to learn CAN LEARN with the right teachers in the right studio and we’ll make that happen for you too! No one is left behind here.

CAN YOU AFFORD IT? YES YOU CAN! Anyone can learn to dance with us for as little $14.00 a week and we do it all in a no-contracts environment. The best thing about a “pay as you go” environment like ours is there is no pressure on you financially AND it keeps us on our toes to always deliver what we’ve promised you.

WHAT IS THE AVERAGE AGE? We have people of all ages in our studio ranging from pre-teen to 60's and 70's. We've been teaching and training the California State University-Northridge Ballroom Dance Club and Competition Team for 8 years now and they're here a lot. We expect the club to top well over 100+ members this coming year!  

The dancing isn't the most important part of what we do at THE CELEBRATION BALLROOM. The sense of community, the dance family itself that we've very carefully built within the organization is just as important than the dancing itself and we love to laugh and have fun! We take fieldtrips all over Southern California to visit all kinds of other dance venues and events to include competitions, other studios social dances, Swing Nights, Victorian Balls, Salsa Nights, dinner dances, Magic Castle Nights, GREAT CRUISES and much more! And again, new friendships that will last a lifetime are waiting for you if you want them!

In many ways, I guess you could say we actually provide a happier way to live and participate in life. That is why out mission statement is: "Transforming lives, One Step at a time!"

You’re going to love what we do and how we do it for you!

Located in Woodland Hills, CA