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Corina Dance
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10265 Santa Monica Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90067
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Corina Dance - Professional Dancer

Need a little something special to spice up the wedding reception? Corina is a highly talented, professional dancer who will bring life to the party. Her shows are lively, colorful, fun and exciting. With her versatility and repertoire of talents, she will deliver a show you won’t soon forget.


Corina is a professional dancer, choreographer and instructor specializing in the exotic dances of the Middle East. With her unique talent and multicultural background, Corina strives to share the beauty and joy of dance through her vibrant performances and enriching classes. Corina was born in New York and raised in Bali, Indonesia, where she spent the first 17 years of her life before moving to LA to pursue a higher education. While attaining her degree in Literature and Cultural Anthropology, Corina wanted to try something new, make some friends and stay in shape so she decided to try her first belly dance class.

Falling in love with belly dance immediately, Corina began training on a regular basis under the tutelage of Melanie Kareem at her School of Middle Eastern Dance in Topanga Canyon. After joining Kiyana Dance Company in 2009, Belly dancing soon became more than just a hobby but a livelihood that supported her financially, physically and emotionally. To Corina, belly dance was her gateway to dance, opening her eyes to a plethora of dance styles that she never thought she could do, filling her with inspiration and motivation.



Located in Los Angeles, CA