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Dizzy Hips | The Hula Hoop Man: Paul Blair
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Berkley, CA
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Dizzy Hips The Hula Hoop Man: Paul Blair - Entertainment

Dizzy Hips can entertain at your wedding reception or engagement party with fun and exciting hula hoop performances. He has created shows that can cater to your audience. He incorporates things like juggling and comedy to make his shows even more exciting and interactive. Often times he will bring the guests into the action with their own hula hoops to get everyone on their feet having fun.

Dizzy started hula-hooping in kindergarten, along with three of his other favorite sports: jump roping, soccer and finger painting. Paul was re-born as a hooper when he discovered the hoop as a freshman in college. From then on, he has been successful in entertaining many events and many guests. 

Located in Berkley, CA