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Gaye Nelson ~ Astrology Tarot
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5160 Van Nuys Blvd. #269
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403
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Gaye Nelson ~ Astrology Tarot - Entertainment

Welcome! You will find many uplifting things here-astrology and tarot readings, classes, monthly recordings,called Astrology to Go, about what to do from one New Moon to the next and a hands-on healing technique called Emotional Release Work.
There are FREE audio clips and my great Audio and Ebook,
The Male/Female Balance:8 Things to Do to Get Along Better with Almost Anyone
(now in its Updated Second Edition 2014).
I offer a wide variety of wonderful gift items with whimsical zodiac designs through Cafe Press.
In addition, I am a doula, providing support during pregnancy, labor and postpartum.
Enjoy exploring all I have for you!

First-Time Reading - Natal Chart and Transits

Who are you? What's in your "spiritual suitcase"? What is your destiny? What will bring you more love and money? What's coming up next? I cover your natal chart and also the trends for the next several years in depth. Find out how to fine-tune your timing.

(You'll need your exact time of birth, birth date and birthplace). Very complete, practical, positive and inspirational, including my original compatibility system, "The Male/Female Balance"! It's a fascinating production that is all about you and a most uplifting experience.

      When you make an appointment, I will send you an mp3 or a CD called "Introduction to Your Astrology Reading" to listen to before your first session. It is about 70 minutes long and covers basic information that you need to know before I work with you. This allows us to get right to specifics about you when we start the reading.

        Then you will see me in person or work on the phone for 2 separate 2-3 hour sessions. The first covers your natal chart or personality blueprint in depth and the second is about current and upcoming specific timing patterns.

You also get my audio and ebook, The Male/Female Balance: 8 Things to Do to Get Along Better with Almost Anyone, which is a personality typing system I invented. It is an essential part of what I do, so all my clients need to be familiar with it.

     I am very generous with time and the cost is the same however long it takes to complete the First-Time Reading.

     The total cost is $350. I take all credit cards and I am also willing to do payment plans.

      After you have had a First-Time Reading, you can work with me in a wide variety of ways. I charge $250 for a full 2 hour Update with both tarot and astrology once a year. Then, if you have interim readings during that year, the cost is less, depending on how much time the reading takes.    


Full Update - I combine astrology and tarot for these sessions. This serves as a "spiritual pep talk", with detailed information on upcoming trends in your life. This can include a Solar Return and Astrocartography Follow-Up. These are for ongoing clients who have already had the First-time Reading.

Located in Sherman Oaks, CA