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Magical Moon Garden


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Phoenix, AZ 85085
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Magical Moon Garden - Astrology reading Entertainment

I became interested in Astrology in my teens. I found my first teacher in 1984. She taught me how to cast a chart by hand. I studied off and on with different teachers through the years. Along the way I became a birth-worker, first a doula and now a midwife, and an herbalist. while I have a specialized skill set in women's holistic health, I also read charts for anyone looking to learn more about themselves through astrology. 

The Moon has long been revered as a powerful symbol of magic, intuition, and feminine energy. By harnessing the energy of the Moon, we can manifest our deepest desires and bring our dreams to life. The Moon is one of the most important placements in your birth chart.
During this 1-hour reading, I, will delineate your birth chart and provide you with a personalized interpretation

Located in Phoenix, AZ