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Orlando Special Effects
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6835 Narcoosee Road
Orlando, FL 32832
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Orlando Special Effects - Fire Works and Special Effects in Orlando, FL.


We are a full-service special effects company that will be your best source for everything from Indoor and Outdoor Fireworks, Sky Lanterns, Rose Petal Flames, Fog Effects, Wedding Sparklers, Flame and Fire Effects, Confetti and Streamers.

We specialize in close-proximate and indoor fireworks displays and have the resources and specialized pyrotechnic products to safely execute displays with you and your guests being as close as 15 feet away. We can give your wedding venue, theme and decor a unique touch with Flame and Fire Effects that utilize flammable gases like natural gas or propane. Imagine a backyard wedding with a swimming pool turned into a beautifully lit display surrounded by tiki torches. 

We offer a huge selection of confetti with different colors, sizes, shapes and Mylar. From small showers to confetti blizzards, we will theme the colors specific to your event. In less than 30 seconds, our equipment can unload 25 lbs. of confetti. Our Fog effects can make for a magical, mystical and majestic experience.

For over 15 years we've been providing the Entertainment Industry with custom high-quality Special Effects. Our special effects have been utilized for many different events apart from weddings that include Major Motion Pictures, Corporate Functions, Family Entertainment Centers, Haunted Attractions, Theme Parks, Circuses, Stunt Shows, Sporting Events, Re-enactments, Battlefield Simulation and Training.


Located in Orlando, FL