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Wild Things Zoofari
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Dallas, TX 75204
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John Jimenez
This is a good company but owner Courtney has been accused of child molestation

Wild Things Zoofari - Entertainment

Welcome to Wild Things Zoofari Inc. the top premier petting zoo and animal show in Austin, Dallas/Ft, Houston and San Antonio Texas areas. We bring the zoo to your Birthday, Festival, Library and School so you can take a walk on the Wild Side. Wild Things Zoofari Inc. offers a mobile petting zoo with exotic animals, great for all ages and educational animals shows with Lemurs, Kangaroos and smaller mammals.

Wild Things Zoofari Inc. companies are Austin Petting Zoo, Dallas Petting Zoo, Houston Petting Zoo and San Antonio Petting Zoo. Wild Things Zoofari Inc. is an Austin, Texas-based company, privately owned, rapidly expanding nationwide. San Antonio Party Bus highly recommend us to all their clients San Antonio Party Bus

"We Bring The Zoo To You" is a register trademark of Wild Things Zoofari.Inc "We Bring The Zoo To You" may not be reproduce by any means or in any form whatsoever without written permission.

Some non-profit organization run solely on grants and donations from others in the community who support their program, some schools and libraries have low budget. Some families with low income can not afford a birthday party. Wild Things Zoofari gives some free programs and birthday parties to these institutions and families and can only be possible if you donate.

Wild Things Zoofari makes contributions in areas that we believe are important to the future of our planet. Our first priority is to support libraries and schools with low budget. If you are a libary, school or simply a family with low budget please go to our contact page an apply for a program.

Wild Things Zoofari Inc. companies are Austin Petting Zoo, Dallas Petting Zoo, Houston Petting Zoo and San Antonio Petting Zoo. Wild Things Zoofari Inc. is privately owned and operated by Courtney Cortina Pineda. She has owned and worked with animals her entire life. Anytime she tried to leave the animal world for the corporate world it just instilled why she loved them so much and returned to them.

Courtney feels that there is not enough support to help conserve and protect the precious wild life out there that is disappearing every minute from our own destruction. The purpose of Wild Things Zoofari is to educate people with animal encounters so they can observe how precious they are. Seeing them on TV is nothing like being able to touch one.

She is a member of APWE (Association of Professional Wildlife Educators), FCF ( Feline Conservation Federation) and attends yearly conferences to expand her knowledge and meet other professionals in the field.

She is also USDA (United States Dept of Agriculture) and TPW (Texas Parks and Wildlife) licensed and insured.

Ray Mitchell

Ray Mitchell has been working with exotic and domestic animals alike for over 20 years. His experience with exotic wildlife has been the main focus of his passion. Ray has worked with everything from exotic birds and raptors, primates and large and small exotic cats and other carnivores, large and small hooved animals including camels and zebras, marsupials and rare rodents from around the world and a large assortment of reptiles non venomous and venomous alike. Education has always been the key while working with the animals. And Ray has successfully bred many rare and endangered animals in the past 20 years, giving him insight and knowledge of even the tiniest and most sensitive fauna. Ray Mitchell is happy to become a part of Wild Things Zoofari Inc.. By having the ability to reach many children of all ages and teach them about the plight of wildlife around the world and what they can do to help keep the magnificent animals around for many generations to come.

Located in Dallas, TX