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Find the perfect wedding flowers for your wedding day from our list of wonderful wedding florists; they will help you create your bouquet, floral centerpieces, and more

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Wedding flowers - tips

Flowers! The pretty, the exotic, the traditional, the lovely, the wild, the cultivated, the classic, the rare, the seasonal, the local, the are an essential part to any wedding, however minimal or maximal their position. Your wedding flowers will take up to 10% of your budget and also set the tone of a lot of your wedding. They will feature in your wedding photographs and video, be in the ceremony and reception locations and will be a focus of conversation. They are also symbo...

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Weddings are joyful, romantic celebrations spanning generations and memories, upholding families, traditions and declaring a love story. Nothing embodies this more eloquently than the wedding flowers which have a language all of their own. How do you find the right flowers to write your own personal wedding story?

Traditionally, the bridal bouquet was carried down the aisle to ward off evil spirits. Flowers also carry their own symbolic meanings, rooted in Victorian times so men could court their ladies with flowers instead of words. Red roses for desire, a bunch of violets for faithfulness, lily of the valley for happiness, calla lily for beauty, freesias for innocence, gardenia for joy, orchids for love, lilac for the first signs of love, camellias for perfect loveliness, azaleas for true to the end, stephanotis for marital happiness, daisy for innocence and sharing...Wedding flowers should articulate the core of your own romantic story and vows

Flowers can add other meanings too. Heather in the bridal bouquet may be a nod to the groom’s Scottish heritage. The use of birth-month blooms may refer to your birthdays and there may be specific flowers that bookmark significant moments in your relationship. For example, he bought you red tulips when you had the ‘flu and that was his first affectionate gesture. Or it may be a particular perfume. In some way, weave your personal love stories together in the wedding floral arrangements.

Flowers also boost the mood of your guests, create inspiring decor, refresh memories and provide a sense of warmth, love and welcome. Ensure your florist knows the theme and tone of what you are trying to create on your wedding day.

From the bride’s bouquet to table centerpieces, buttonholes, posies and smaller arrangements, each declares the bride and groom’s love story and boosts the mood of the occasion.