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Preserve Your Florals by Event Designs
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Preserve Your Florals by Event Designs - Flowers

We are a family-owned business, committed to giving you the best service, and selection available. Our customers are our shareholders and we strive to make them happy! Memories are precious and time is important in getting the best overall quality so call us today for an appointment to discuss your keepsake needs.
Imagine the breadth of human emotion being illustrated to the world through flowers

The joy of your wedding
The miraculous wonder of a new baby
The happiness of your daughter’s high school prom
The nostalgia represented by an anniversary
The fond memories of a loved one who has passed away

Preserve Your Florals is a trusted Freeze Dry Specialty Shop servicing clients all around the United States. Floral Freeze Drying is the most trusted method of preservation in the market today. When you just can't throw those floral memories away, allow our artisans to preserve them thru our state of the art freeze-dry method and create for you an heirloom keepsake piece that you can pass down generation to generation.
We will work with you to develop a floral art display that will give you many, many years of treasured memories. With the addition of Heirloom Flower Petal Jewelry and Cremation Jewelry for lost loved ones and pets, and Hierloom Candles using pressed flowers, we can create a one of a kind keepsake for any occasion in life.
Memories are precious and time is important in getting the best overall quality so call us today for an appointment to discuss your floral keepsake needs.

Decorative Molding
Now you can view custom Moldings here. Please call us if you have found what you are looking for and we will take care of the rest.

Wedding Keepsakes
Wedding heirloom generation keepsakes are customized using invitations, photos, champagne glasses, along with flowers or other items in the frame or table top display of your choice. After all the hours and money invested in your special day why settle for just a few hours of enjoyment. Your memories can be relived day to day with a special generation keepsake piece customized to your personal style. Preserve Your Florals offers many styles to choose from.

Memorial Keepsakes
Memorial heirloom generation keepsakes are customized using memories from your loved one, not to remind us of the passing of a loved one, but to give us a memory for that person to live on in our hearts. Flowers, along with photos or other momentos can be preserved to create a one of a kind display that can be passed from generation to generation. Preserve Your Florals offers many designs and layouts to choose from.

Baby Keepsakes
Let us create a custom memory of your child as an heirloom keepsake to honor that special memory. Fabric preservation of gowns and baby items available, along with custom framing for any item that was special to you and your child.

Memory Candles
Create Beautiful one-of-a-kind candles from any occasion using pressed flowers. The flowers are pressed, dried and arranged within the wax walls of your Heirloom Memory Candles. Secured on the floor of the wax shell is a refillable candleholder with fuel cell burners or electric luminescent bulbs which, when lit, provides full illumination of the wax shell and flowers. There are many shapes and sizes to choose from. The candle never burns away. Memory verses and photos can be used along with your flowers to create that special one of a kind piece.

Flower Petal Jewelry
Handcrafted Memory beads created from flower petals started centuries ago by nuns mostly for rosaries. Rose petal rosaries date back as far as the 1920's. The process was laborious and took many days to cook the flowers and extract the moisture from each petal. After cooking into a thick paste for rolling stones or beads, they were then strung into rosaries and were used to count prayers sent to heaven.

The modern process used by Preserve your Florals by Event Designs has been perfected upon with our state of the art freeze drying process to achieve a one of a kind generation keepsake piece. Any flower can be used to create your design. Your flowers are freeze dried to lock in color, they are then pulverized and rolled into a colorful bead to be used for your one of a kind jewelry. Sterling Silver or Gold is used to complete your heirloom jeweler's quality necklace, earrings, bracelet, cuff links, or bible marker.

Many other items can be crafted to fit your special needs. Please call one of our artisans to discuss your tailored piece.
This almost lost art captures the birth of a little one, the memory of a loved one who has passed on, or the excitement of your wedding day as well as any other special occasion that can be remembered by flowers.

Cremation Beads ALSO Available.

Any of our frames can be ordered with a mat board, acrylic dome or flat glass or acrylic pane. In addition, a stacker molding can be added to obtain additional depth. Choose from over 400 different styles.

Gown Preservation
Your gown receives only the best treatment and care from the moment we receive it. From our caring staff to the specialized technology built specifically to clean and preserve the gown, you can be assured that your memory will be perfectly preserved and preserved in time to be enjoyed by future generations. We offer discounts on gown preservation if you are using us to preserve your flowers. Be sure to mention seeing this on ur web page to receive this discount.


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