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Planning your Honeymoon with our Honeymoon and Travel Agency experts

Honeymoon - tips image

Honeymoon - tips

he honeymoon is officially the start of your marriage - whether it be a mini-moon, due to work commitments or a tight budget, or a mega moon of three weeks to get fully into married life - here are some tips to ensure your ‘mooning’ is indeed sweet, authentic and natural, with plenty of space for the birds and bees! There are three basic maxims: plan ahead, relax and have fun! But after months of hyper-planning and schedules, that may be more easily said than done so here’s a b...

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The honeymoon is when the newlyweds get to finally share intimate moments to establish love in their relationship. Traditionally, this was the time when these private moments eased the awkwardness towards a physical relationship - the primary means of bonding during the first days of marriage. Even if you are already familiar with your other half, the honeymoon is a one-off holiday, a time to finally unwind and celebrate your union. A honeymoon does not need to be exotic or even abroad; it can be hush-hush and low-key, local but hidden away. What is important is that it is a time that is pleasurable and special to you both.

From how to renew your passport, name changes, honeymoon travel insurance, booking hotels, vehicles, travel, itineraries, The Wedding Expert has it covered. Maybe you do want a classic honeymoon spot: exotic sun, sea, sand, an all-inclusive package at a five star hotel. Or maybe you prefer something more cosmopolitan; you both share a desire for travel and experience of different cultures and cuisine. You may opt to rent an RV and travel around California or out-of-state incognito, taking each day as it comes. If you have a destination wedding, you may stay on at the resort or have selected another location nearby. The options are endless and, with imagination and thoughtful preparation, you can tailor-make a honeymoon you will both remember as a time when you shared your real pleasures and dreams together before returning to the nitty-gritty of married life.

There are a lot of discounts and deals available for honeymooning couples so take advantage of them and seal the deals which will help you create the ultimate honeymoon.

The honeymoon is an essential part of your whole wedding - it didn't just end with the ceremony and reception. You will be returning to open your wedding gifts and write a lot of ‘thank you’ notes plus the bustle of regular life so make your honeymoon count!