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Always Inviting
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35 Rosemont Terrace
West Orange, NJ 07052
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Always Inviting - Invitations & Printing

With more than 33 years of experience as a professional calligraphy service, Donna of Always Inviting has a reputation of success bringing sophistication and class with her calligraphy options and amenities. Computer generated calligraphy brings the look of hand drawn calligraphy on your envelopes with consistency, accuracy and quick turnaround. That is Donna's promise to each client.

Donna's calligraphy addressing is your chance to make a great first impression, and she works diligently with each client to ensure it looks right and achieves the level of desired design.

Large selection of calligraphy styles to match your invitation for any occasion from Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, weddings, showers, birthday party invitations and place cards.
All orders are personalized for ink color, calligraphy style, and centering of addresses (centered, left aligned, right aligned or staggered) to make your envelopes exactly what you are looking for.
Donna prides herself on customer service, and that includes color matching, custom designs, and fast, reliable turnaround as well as affordable pricing.
Orders will be completed within 2 weeks or less.
At your request Donna will provide sample addressed envelopes and place cards.

No matter your needs, trust Always Inviting to make your addressed calligraphy envelopes and invitations a signature part of your next event. Donna services New Jersey and New York City, and takes pride in turning around orders with fast, high quality results.

For more information on my services, call or email donna@


Gift to My Customers

Always Inviting provides a free guest list organizer to help keep track of your responses, gifts

and thank you notes.


10 Tips for Envelope Addressing

1.   Use your guests' proper names - Robert instead of Bob, Edward instead of Ed

2.   Use your guests' proper titles (Mrs., Dr., Ms. Woman over 18 years), Master (younger than 9 years), Miss (Under 18 years), woman doctor married and husband not a doctor know woman's first name Mr. Steven Brown and Dr. Susan Brown, Widows use Mrs.

3.   Guests related or friend of bride and groom should be listed before their guest regardless of sex (cousin) Ms. Cindy Lee and (boy friend) Mr. James Brown

4.   All abbreviations should be spelled out - instead of St. use Street, Blvd. use Boulevard, Rd. use Road, Apt. use Apartment, NY use New York

5.   If wife retains her maiden name her title is Ms. example: Mr. John Brown and Ms. Susan Smith-Brown

6.   Spelling out 2 digit street numbers up to 99 looks special on envelope example: 35 spelled out Thirty-five

7.   Hand cancel stamp on envelopes before mailing (avoids track marks on envelope)

8.   Weigh envelope at post office with all inserts in envelope before buying stamps (size of envelope makes a difference on postage)

9.   "and Guest" & "and Family" are written on inner envelope Mr. Jones and Guest - Mr. and Mrs. Smith and Family (no inner envelope, and Guest & and Family goes on outer envelope)

10.  Don't forget the return address on flap of envelope.


Located in West Orange, NJ