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Calligraphy by Harriet
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12671 Briarglen Loop Unit G
Orange County, CA 90680
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Calligraphy by Harriet - Invitations & Printing

Welcome! My name is Harriet and here you can get more information on me and my Calligraphy Service.

I live in the Southern California area and can provide fairly quick turnover times on wedding invitation envelopes and the like. My rates are reasonable and competitive and I can also provide references.

Thanks for coming to my website and enjoy your visit!

I am a 50-ish female living in Southern California. I relocated to California from New York City in late 2004. My interests include calligraphy (duh!), cats, the New York Mets, soap operas, plastic canvas crafts, and visiting Las Vegas.

Please note that calligraphy is a side hobby of mine only. It is not my full-time business and I am not a professional. I do my calligraphy projects out of my home. If I do a project for you, please know that I will do the best job that is possible for me to do. I handle jobs informally, without any contracts.

Also please note that I reserve the right to turn down projects. This does not happen often, but it may be necessary as a result of my business and personal schedule.

Located in Orange County, CA