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4 Harp Music North Texas
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Dallas / Ft. Worth
Metroplex, TX 76210
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4 Harp Music North Texas - Wedding Harpist in Dallas, TX


Margaret is a professional harpist whose music resonates in many languages including English, German, Mandarin, Spanish, Indian, Italian, French, Vietnamese, Arabic, and others. So she can accommodate a diversity of weddings, cultures and styles.

If she doesn't know a song, Margaret will personally learn any song from your culture in order to accommodate your personalized event and traditions. Graceful and elegant, Margaret's Harp music always creates a romantic setting and a charming atmosphere for the special occasion.

In addition to the Harp, Margaret can be accompanied by other musicians to expand the live music for your event; including guitarists, pianists, flutists, trumpets or violins. 

Located in Metroplex, TX