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A Celtic Bagpiper For Weddings & All Occasions
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Chicago, IL 60204
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A Celtic Bagpiper For Weddings - Bagpiper Musician in Chicago, IL


Greetings, Congratulations on your coming wedding ceremony! And, thank you for your inquiry. I would be honored to come and play for your wedding and/or your reception. I play locally, regionally, nationally and internationally: from East to West: France, Great Britain, North America, Central America & Polynesia. Please visit my web site, , for a comprehensive overview.

Your wedding day, and its planning, and bringing it all to its proper fruition, is of paramount importance to you and to all who shall take their part in it. I am available for consultation and assistance in any regard that you and your future spouse, and your two families, may have or wish to explore. Your choice of pipe music, and its placement and timing in your wedding ceremony and/or reception, can be quite easily accomplished through our mutual consultations.

I shall be happy to forward to you my services and fees information pages which will illustrate to you and your families the various choices that are automatically yours. They will also show that all of my engagements are taken on a "flat rate" basis, which means that there are never any additional charges for any additional time that any suddenly emerging circumstances may require.

The pipe music of Ireland, Wales, Scotland and Cornwall is readily available. I also have a wide variety of hymns, folk tunes and songs from which you may choose. And, having been a piper in a very old Irish pipe band before my coming to the Midwest, I have both the uniform and the music of the ancient pipers of Ireland ready at hand. Please let me know what your thoughts and wishes may be.



Thank you.

With regards,

David Cormalleth

Located in Chicago, IL