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Big Yard Productions
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Los Angeles, CA 90025
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Eric Paton
This guy is very strange. Seems ok but when it comes to money the weirdo emerges.

Big Yard Productions - Musicians & Singers

Doyle McKinney , a native of the Bahamas, is a vocalist, songwriter, producer, musician (steel drums, guitar, bass guitar, keyboards) and founder of Big Yard Productions.

His musical style has evolved over the past 15 years to incorporate calypso, reggae, Brazilian, Cuban and contemporary jazz with pop melodies and lyrics to create a global musical experience.

Doyle’s musical expertise is attributed to his extensive training. Doyle studied at Musician’s Institute of Technology, Evelyn Halus (voice), Seth Riggs(voice), Arlette Budwig (piano), Ron Anderson (voice) and Bill Dearth (speech). Additionally, Doyle played regularly for many years with The Emerald Seas, The Tropicana and various entertainment studios (Disney, Sony, MCA, Paramount, Warner Bros.)

Also, Doyle’s work includes performing with Pato Banton, as well as the role of National Tour Manager for The Platters. His studio expertise is attributed to working with numerous polished producers and engineers.

Producing three CD’s at Diamond Mine and recording at Compass Point studios, Doyle now records primarily at his state of the art Protools Studio.

Big Yard Productions is an integrated Music Production Studio/Agency. Big Yard Productions was founded in 1989 and is committed to quality Bands, Workshops and CD compilations.

Big Yard Productions ‘ workshops are a source of great pride for the company. The workshops are experiential and the focus is to enhance listening and coordination for children and adults. This is done in a variety of ways using instruments and vocal exercises to encourage ensemble thinking and team spirit. Participants explore how to create synergy by learning to perform as a highly cohesive interdependent music ensemble using percussion instruments from around the world.


Eddie Murphy
“Great job gentlemen. Soothing and refreshing music.”

Wolfgang Puck and Barbara Lazaroff
“Excellent service and music. You were wonderful with the kids. Just marvelous! We’ll be seeing you in the future.”

ER’s Eriq LaSalle
“Great job Nassau Steel. You guys really made my party special and memorable.”

Disney Studios
“Thanks for your wonderfully festive music, and your conduct on the movie set.”

Paramount Studios
“Great Entertainment on a consistent basis.”

Warner Bros.
“Thank you Nassau Steel for your refreshing music. Our employees had a blast at the annual employee picnic.”

Sinai Temple
“Wonderful music Nassau Steel.”

Sherwood Country Club
“Looking forward to next year’s party Nassau Steel.”

“Superb music at the right volume.”

“Transported to the pulse of the Caribbean with your music.”

“Nassau Steel, you were just mesmerizing.”

Mr. & Mrs. Morrisey
“Just lovely and classy entertainment.”

Located in Los Angeles, CA