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Clayton Murray Pianist
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Seattle, WA 98133
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Clayton Murray Pianist - Musicians & Singers

My styles include Jazz, Ragtime, Ballads, Latin, Broadway, Pop and Classical. I have audio samples online, as well as a demo cd available.

I have been performing professionally for the past 30 years both here in the Pacific Northwest and internationally. My wide range of musical experience enables me to handle varying requirements.

In addition to solo piano, I have several combinations of other instrumentalists and singers I perform with, ranging from duo to quintet. I own a portable keyboard for locations without a piano.

I always work with my clients to provide them with worry-free, professional service, and I do my best to ensure that their special event is a success.

If you'd like to hear me perform, I play solo piano 6:30-9:30pm every Friday and Saturday night at a Thai restaurant called Marlai. The food there is excellent and prices are reasonable. They also have a very wide selection of wines. There is no dress code, and it has a very pleasant atmosphere. It's located on NE 45th St. about 1/2 mile East of the University Village Mall, where NE 45th turns into Sand Point Way. If you're planning on dropping in, it's a good idea to check in with me because once in a rare while I sub out to a different player.

*NOTE: As of October 2008, the Marlai restaurant has put me on "temporary vacation" until business picks back up, and they can afford to have live piano music again. Hopefully, this will not be too long of a wait. Up until now, I've been there steady for about 8 years.

Located in Seattle, WA