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Harp Elegance by Eva
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St. Louis, MO 63130
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Harp Elegance by Eva - Musicians & Singers

I’ve played for large groups as well as more intimate gatherings, worldwide, for over 30 years, mostly in Texas (years ago) and St. Louis in recent years. I take joy in your satisfaction with the lovely ambiance I can help you to create.

In recent years, I was St. Louis’ “Ladies of Lucerne Tea Room” harpist each week. From time to time, I was also the Sunday brunch harpist for “Crepes in the City”, a fine restaurant in downtown St. Louis. Prior to that, I played five or six nights a week for over 15 years at Cafe Capri, an upscale restaurant in Dallas, Texas. I have played for a number of venues in St. Louis and surrounding regions. Please contact me for a complete list of locations of my appearances in the greater St. Louis area.

I am degreed in Harp Performance. Not all musicians have a diploma in performance, and the difference in the quality of the music is noticeable to anyone who is listening.

Although I have had extensive training and decades of professional experience, I am constantly improving my playing by traveling to other cities to study with the top classical and jazz harpists in the world.

Throughout my 35-year career, I have played harp music throughout Texas, Missouri, and Illinois. I have performed in nearly all of the most popular public venues, such as restaurants and hotels, and in churches, temples and synagogues throughout St. Louis, and elsewhere. I often play for private clubs, nursing homes, galleries, many corporate events, and hospitals.

For a number of years, I performed on a steady basis each week at the gracious Ladies of Lucerne Tea Room in St. Louis, Missouri. In recent years, I have freed up the time that I previously committed to playing steady harp jobs at restaurants, so that I may accept more bookings for individual private engagements, as well as public events.

I can play either alone or in an ensemble, custom-tailoring the harp music to perfectly match your taste and your occasion. Some of the music I play includes lovely light classical European music, Latin music, and I have decades of experience playing popular romantic music full-time in fine restaurants…I play literally thousands of songs! Most songs are favorites of multiple generations, from classic popular, romantic love songs to more current popular or Latin selections. Still, I constantly add new music to my repertoire. I can even play some upbeat music if that is your preference. Stylistically, I’m very versatile, with romantic wedding music being my specialty.

For years I have been a school music teacher (mostly teaching Orchestra), where I also have taught harp classes, and I have taught private harp lessons in my home and in a Conservatory of Music. I used to be the principal harpist for a Symphony in a large city in Texas.

Harps that I play are mostly large concert harps, which I chose for their extraordinary sound quality.

Some of my videos, which have won critical acclaim, may be seen on YouTube (search under “evaharp”). Please contact me if you would like personal references from loyal clients who hire me repeatedly. I would also be happy to provide recommendations from very respected professional musicians who I have worked with.

Located in St. Louis, MO