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Jim Sloan ~ Bagpiper, Scottish, Irish, Celtic


1 (904) 655-9339
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707 Nottingham Forest Circle
Jacksonville, FL 32259
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Jim Sloan ~ Bagpiper, Scottish, Irish, Celtic - Musicians & Singers


Every event could be brightened or benefited with a listen and performance from Jim Sloan. He effortlessly captures the spirit of a corporate event, birthday, wedding, golf tournament, family reunion, grand opening, reception, or cultural celebration with his expansive repertoire of Scottish classics, traditional jigs, and lively reels. He'll march in a parade or pay tribute at a memorial with a bagpipe he plays as gracefully as the plaid kilt he sports. Spruce up that store opening or get riled up at a frat party. Put the "fun" in "fundraising", or hum along in a church service.

Jim has been interviewed for his performance at Culhane's Irish Pub and has opened The Players Championship golf tournament. There's no occasion that won't see the appeal of a trip through Scotland's culture with a listen to the skilled sounds of Jim's pipes.

Located in Jacksonville, FL