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Pan-A-Cea Steel Drum and Calypso Band
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L.A. & Orange County, CA 91702
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Pan-A-Cea Steel Drum and Calypso Band - Musicians & Singers

Pan-A-Cea features a wide variety of band sizes and configurations for any event or budget. Band sizes range from solo, duo, trio and up to 12 pieces of various instrumentation with or without vocals. Book a talented cultural music soloist for your bar-b-que, cocktail party or other private event or bring the entire band for weddings, concerts, corporate events and more. Set-up for these mild or energetic musical blends is easy and can be performed indoors or outdoors with or without electricity. The Pan-A-Cea steel drum band and individual musicians bring upbeat, pleasing music to small or large venues with volume and resonance customized to fit your space and audience. Every event is different and Pan-A-Cea strives to customize the experience to perfectly fit your theme, venue and taste.

Read more about the Pan-A-Cea steel drum and calypso beach band in Southern California online. Book the band for your wedding, holiday event, beach party, restaurant or other event today.

We specialize in (but not limited to) steel drum band, reggae, soca, calypso, Jimmy Buffet, ska and latin music.

There's really no event too large or too small. We are available for concerts, tv, weddings, private parties in Los Angeles, corporate events, wedding and baby showers, birthday parties, beach parties, restaurants, night clubs, hotels, pool parties, cocktail receptions, reunions and just about anything you might want.

The choice is really up to you! Some of the options include:
1) steel drum band (instrumental only) (solo, duo, trio . . . max 12-piece band)
2) steel drum band with vocals
3) calypso, soca and/or reggae band (featuring the steel drums - with vocalist(s), guitar, bass, drums, percussion, horns, etc.)
Our soloists and our duo's work with top quality backing tracks giving the live steel drums a full and classy sound at an affordable price. This option requires only a small space which makes this very desirable format for restaurants, in-home parties, etc. With a minimal amount of equipment this set-up is quick and clean. Also, volume is much more controllable than larger bands but we are still able to fill a larger room with sound if necessary. Our trio gives a bit more punch and flexibility, still allowing for good volume/space control and offers a moderate price. The four and five-piece band (up to 22-piece band) offers all of the punch and power of a very energetic live Caribbean band in Southern California. We're sure to get you up and dancing!!!

Located in L.A. & Orange County, CA