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Terry Muska, Classical Guitarist
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San Antonio, TX 78232
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Terry Muska, Classical Guitarist - Musicians San Antonio


A Classical Spanish Guitar playing elegant and traditional music will enhance your ceremony with sophistication and class. Bring an even more delightful ambiance to your wedding day with Terry Muska on the guitar. The solo guitar is the perfect accompaniment to intimate locations such as Chapels, Gardens and Cathedrals. Whatever you can imagine for your wedding, Terry will not steer you wrong with the smooth strains of his classical guitar. 

Terry has performed in concerts for several people including the Duke and Duchess of Bejar, the President of Spain, Luciano Pavarotti, Jose Maria Aznar and the Duke of Alba. He has also studied with very well-known guitarists such as Pepe Romero and Manuel Lopez Ramos. He extended his knowledge and skill of guitar with the honor of attending master classes with Andres Segovia.


Located in San Antonio, TX