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The Steel Drummer Nate
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6128 1/2 Carlos Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90028
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The Steel Drummer Nate - Musicians & Singers

Nate plays the single steel drum refered too as a "Pan" by some Island players. It requires the dexterity of a soloist and the latest technology in steel drum instruments equipts it with a low "C" note equal to middle C on the piano for a broader melodic range.

Nate worked closely with and was taught to play the steel drum by the very gifted and dazzling showman The late Winston "B" Phillips. A Trinidad native, Winstons love for his music and the steel drum dazzled people from all parts of the world. Says Nate " I was totally fasinated with his ablity to play melody and rhythm fast or slow with a smoothness that just captived one heart" . Nate says "I know his style has had a great influence on me and yet I still have my own story to tell with the steel drum and I'm also a singer".

Located in Los Angeles, CA