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Keep your memories forever, with one of our amazing wedding photographers capture every special and candid moment of your wedding day

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Wedding photography - tips

START EARLY really early! Like a year or more before your wedding date. Become a wedding photographer hound by asking couples you know for recommendations, checking out portfolios online, reviews, websites. There may be lots of amazing photographs out there but consider the most important factor: is the photographer reliable? Will he/she turn up on the day? Or at the last minute pull out or send a substitute? Check out their reputation. HOw personable is he/she? Your ability to con...

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Wedding photography is both an art and a science. To achieve the best photos of your day, you need a photographers who goes the extra mile to understand your personalities, theme and the tone of your wedding, someone who realises the vows will be taken at sundown on a beach or in a temple or at noon in a darkened church. A contemporary wedding photographer should be able to provide fine indoor photography (of the ceremony and reception including portraits) and outdoor photography (the scenic location, the beach, romantic engagement photos), some posed shots and candid ones of yourselves, the wedding party and the guests.

The range of deliverables a wedding photographer can deliver varies. Some may provide hard copy proofs or an online proof gallery, a magazine of thumbnail sized pictures, images on a CD or DVD as a slideshow, a zip file of high resolution images or all of the above. Some include all in the service, others ask you to make final print choices from the proofs before returning them or purchasing at additional cost. Some retain copyright while those who don't, or partially do, will often charge more.

A wedding photographer is critical as they are the guarantee of recorded memories of a precious day.

Shooting a wedding requires a photographer with patience and an upbeat, energetic personality as it is both exhausting and challenging finding good angles, eliciting emotion and opportunities for candid shots. Choose a photographer who you feel comfortable with, who can correctly interpret your theme and personality and discuss clearly what your priority shots would be before the actual day itself. The relationship you have with your photographer is probably one of the most important ones out of all the vendors.