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Bruce Bennett Photographer
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P.O. Box 7932
Houston, TX 77270
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Bruce Bennett Photographer - Photographers

Photography Style:

If you are looking for a reliable photographer, I have experience in creating the highest quality images in a very reasonable amount of time. My years of experience, including the pre-digital years that required me to shoot with film, meaning no Polaroids, no LCD’s, no tethered laptop previews, have allowed me to excel in this now "all-digital" world. My knowledge of lighting and composition has allowed me to be fast and accurate, and provide quality work.

Today I practice the “shoot like it’s film, process like it’s digital” idea. I offer large, high resolution, RAW files through cutting edge post-production techniques. My combination of craftsmanship with top-of-the-line technology gives me the opportunity to provide you with a better product at a better price.

I firmly believe in communicating with my clients to insure we are on the same page. I insist on planning the shoot in advance, and pride myself in being flexible if changes occur. I will show up early, work quickly, meet any deadlines, stick to the estimate, and create memories that are everlasting for you and yours. 


Located in Houston, TX