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Jerry D Photography
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216 N 2nd Avenue
Upland, CA 91786
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Jerry D Photography - Photographers Southern CA

Jerry D., Owns Enchanted Memories photography studio in Upland, California. His specialty is people – bridals, weddings, portraits, family groups, and fine art. Jerry D. tries to bring out emotions and feels in his subjects, capturing their true personalities in his photographs. “We have all experienced the cruelty and ugliness of life. Often, those feelings of fear and insecurity carry over into adulthood. Life has not always been easy for me, either. But what makes the difference is what we do with those negatives. We can either let them stop our growth; or we can learn from them and turn them into positives. Our society has standards of beauty that we all try to attain. When people are photographed, they want to see the dream. It’s important that photographers help people see themselves in the way they want to be portrayed and remembered. Artistic people, who have the gift and ability to see and feel, should use their senses to create and communicate these emotions. And when they are able to do this, their interpretation becomes art. We don’t rush the creative process. Our sessions last tow to three hours. I don’t even pick up my camera or set up the lights until we have established a relationship of comfort.

Jerry D., was fortunate to have an artistic father who took him to museums and art galleries and taught him to appreciate many different art forms. His father hoped he would pursue something in the arts. Instead, like most children, he followed his own path. Jerry D. studied Kung Fu SanSoo, and opened his first martial arts studio at age 19. By age 30, he was awarded the degree of master, and he continues teaching today. Jerry D. is also a licensed cosmetologist, who teaches corrective hair and make-up techniques and how to develop a total look. In 1973, he won a scholarship to attend cosmetology school, and his career took another turn. As a hobby, he used his photography skills to capture before and after pictures of his make-overs. Then shot a few weddings for friends, decided he liked photography, and opened his first studio in 1993.

Located in Upland, CA