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New Image Wedding Photography
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Legacy Village,Lyndhurst, OH 44022
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New Image Wedding Photography - Photographers in Cleveland, OH

New Image Photography was founded over 20 years ago by Jonathan Koslen in Cleveland, Ohio with a focus on fashion photography. One day, during a shoot, a model asked if he could photograph a Wedding. She said she was looking for someone to “just show up and shoot what’s going on.”

Jonathan agreed to the request and from there went on to create one of Cleveland’s most prominent Wedding photography studios. Over a thousand Weddings later, Jonathan arrives at each one with just as much nutty enthusiasm and excitement as he did at his first. His style is described as “photojournalism and event portraiture with a twist of high fashion.” New Image is non-obtrusive, refined, yet energetically edgy. Jonathan’s refers to his work space as his “dream studio.” A few years ago, Jonathan moved to Moreland Hills, to a property bordered by the Cleveland Metroparks and which had a horse barn behind the house.

With the help of one of his Groom’s, Frank Kovacik (who became a life-long friend), Jonathan renovated the barn into a beautiful, modern studio while still maintaining it’s rustic charm. Not only is it the most peaceful of locations, but it also enables Jonathan to work around the clock and still have time for his two kids Ayla & Cole. During your visit, feel free to say hello to Jai, Seva, Raja, and Penelope, the four adopted dogs; and Mary, the rescue mini-horse… who make quite the welcoming team!

John was there from the beginning of New Image.

Since 1993, whenever Jonathan needed help with large Weddings or if he was already booked, John was always the first person he called.  John has shot hundreds of events for New Image throughout the years. He has always been a solid, reliable photographer and a great friend to Jonathan!

Paula has been one of Jonathan’s best friends since first grade!  This is her first season shooting Weddings and she is already doing a tremendous job!  She is an easy going person, but not afraid to do whatever it takes to get the shot!

Saige has thrived at New Image for two Wedding seasons and has proven herself worthy of Camera one status!  Her natural abilities have made her an asset to the New Image team, and her training over the past two years has created a young photographer who can stand out in such a competitive field.  Saige is a joy to be around and brings her creative talent to every event.

Taya is extremely energetic and creative! She helps to run the studio and has no problem taking charge of a situation. With each Wedding Taya works, her talent grows! She’s constantly learning and loves the challenges that Weddings bring!

Maria Louise has a true passion for the Wedding industry.  Jonathan has been friends with her parents since she was young and was so happy to welcome her to the New Image family!  This was her first year with new Image and she has done a terrific job assisting Jonathan at the City’s biggest and best events!


Located in Legacy Village,Lyndhurst, OH