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Pedigo Photography
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Humble, TX 77346
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Pedigo Photography - Photographers

"They are awesome, Chase!! I've looked through them twice already. =)" - Manuela

"I love the pictures! Thank you so much for being a part of the wedding!" -Brittany

"They are all amazing and I love them! They turned out beautiful!" -Allison

"Thanks for a job well done!" -Darlene

"The pictures look great!!" -Amy

"Thank you for being such a wonderful photographer and for capturing all of our moments from our wedding day! We really appreciate everything you did to help make it all happen."

-Hannah and Peter
"The wedding pictures are INCREDIBLE! You did such an amazing job. Thank you so, so much for beautifully capturing our wedding day. I was so impressed by your work at Erin's wedding, and I was very anxious to see what you would do for my big day. I had high expectations for the pictures, and in reality they exceeded even what I was hoping for. Thank you, Chase. So much. We will cherish these for the rest of our lives. In reflecting on the wedding, every family member has mentioned how impressed they were by the quality of your work. You are very talented, and I am so pleased that James and I chose you as our photographer for our wedding day. I really can't thank you enough."

"Thanks for taking care of us… again. It is always a pleasure to watch you work. Your ability to be at the right place at the right time is amazing. If I didn’t know any better, I would swear that you have an identical twin that sneaks in and helps you.

Thanks for sharing in another one of our special moments and for helping us capture our most cherished memories."


"I love the pictures! They are GREAT! Thanks again!"


"We loved the photos and have really enjoyed the beautiful wedding album we ordered. Looking forward to hanging some great photos on our "


"These are unbelievably perfect! Words cannot express how happy these make me-you far out did yourself!! Thanks for getting to them so quickly. I have already looked through them multiple times!!" - Megan

"Thank you SO much for doing such an amazing job at the wedding! We got so many compliments on you and you made it such a happy experience." - Samantha

"Thanks Chase! They look amazing!!!" - Kayde

"All of the pictures look amazing! Thank you for doing such an awesome job. :)" - Sarah

"I just wanted to let you know that I absolutely love the pics! Y'all did an amazing job everyone loves them! Thank you so much!" - Cassidy

These are amazing!! Thank you sooooo much." - Kerry

"Chase, you and your brother were just "complete perfection" at Randy and Elise's wedding. You came in and did the job you needed to do with such precision and grace. You caught everything and everyone, yet, I never really saw you. Thank you for being so professional and yet personable. You are a very bright and talented young man and my husband and I are blessed to have booked you for our daughter's wedding. It has been a delight to work with you. We wish you continued success in the future." - Jeri

" The albums all look fantastic! Everyone loved them and it was really nice to have them during Christmas to show off to family. Thanks for all that you did for the wedding, we were so happy with the quality of the pictures and the albums." - Jenny

"I absolutely love the pictures, once again you did an AMAZING job! Chase, thank you so much for the pictures you have done for us! I am so grateful to you! Please let me know if I can ever do anything for you!" - Taryn

Hey Chase! Pics look awesome!! We looked at them last night we are in Maui for honeymoon! - Tracey

"Thank you, we had lots of fun and yall did a wonderful job! Now we have pictures for memories. :)" - Michelle

Located in Humble, TX