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Alger House
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80 Fifth Avenue - Near Union Square
New York, NY 10011
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alger house - unique Reception Locations & Venues

Alger House (for 25 to 75 Guests), has been one of the most popular spaces in town for smaller events of 25 to 75 guests. Alger House features a huge 2500 square foot private ballroom with eclectic and creative art and furnishings that create a magical atmosphere. Nearby is the smaller Garden Room with art, Chippendale furnishings, fireplace, and garden, a room often used as a bridal room. Alger House’s rich and magical atmosphere with high beamed ceilings, stained glass and chandeliers, statues and paintings, grand pianos, antique bathrooms, and a huge elevator, is an outstanding setting for small and medium sized events, and it has been particularly beloved by families for wedding receptions.



If your event is less than 30 or 40, you might be interested in seeing Sassy (www.28S) nearby, only two blocks away and, like Alger House, really close to the West 4th Street and Houston Street subway stops on 6th and 7th Avenues. Sassy for 15 to 75 guests is totally different, smaller, appearing more like a 4 star sophisticated restaurant but devoted to single, custom events.

Located in New York, NY