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San Francisco Bay Boat and Wine Tasting on the bay
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The Embarcadero
San Francisco, CA 94806
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San Francisco Bay Boat and Wine Tasting on the bay - Reception Locations & Venues

Melissa - Owner & Wine Lover
Melissa started Wine Tasting on the Bay in 2012. She is self described as a recreational wine drinker and not a wine expert. However, she's drank enough wine to receive an honorary degree. If she were a wine, it would be a Zinfandel, deep ruby, blackberries, peppery, spicy. It is an old Californian varietal that is also associated with the Primitivo in Italy. Her wine would be called Laughing with the Zinners. Most people don't know that Melissa is a true psychic and after a few glasses of wine will be telling you your future. If only she could pick the winning lottery numbers.
Favorite crush: Whichever bottle she's pouring.

Kevin - Captain & Bilge Rat
As Melissa's First Mate, he is also the head grunt, wearing every hat required. He has to keep both girls happy, Melissa & Wine Therapy. As a wine varietal, Kevin would be the heavy and acidic Carignan, astringent, tannic, robust, inky. Often thought of as the workhorse grape. He would be called, Jack of all Trades, Master of None. He has been described with a nose of oak which is often corked. When not working on the boat, which is rare, he enjoys visiting wineries doing research. At least that's what he calls it.
Favorite crush: a full bodied spicy Zin.

Chris - Captain & Cave Dwelling Eccentric
Chris has been with us longer than any other employee. He has seen more husband and wife bickering than any one person should have to endure. But, he keeps coming back for more. If Chris was a wine, he would be called, Can't Teach an Old Dog New Tricks. It would be a Mourvedre (gamey, barnyard, herbal, peppery, blackberries and truffle). In his spare time, Chris can be found in his homemade wine cave making a barrel of his private label, Nirvana Cellars Zinfandel.
Favorite Crush: Nirvana Cellars Zin of course!

Bobby - First Mate
If Bobby were a wine, he would be called Suave. In fact, it would probably be a reserve and it would be called Rico Suave. The varietal would be a Carmenere, smooth, full, rich, blackcurrants, good color and grown in Bordeaux. Having just been bottled, he needs a few years on the rack to mature. Bobby is a full time student and wants to be in Criminal Justice specializing in Marine Biology when he grows up.
Favorite crush: His fiancé, the lovely Miss A (sorry ladies)

Located in San Francisco, CA