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A & R Sewing
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451 Communipaw Ave
Jersey City, NJ 07304
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A & R Sewing - custom linens & chair covers

If you want a completely customized wedding, we are a factory that can manufacture and produce exactly what you want. We do everything from cutting to sewing your fabric in order to create what is needed. 



Some Of The Most Popular Tablecloth Sizes: 
(From 45'' Fabric to 60'' Fabric) 

Round            Square        Rectangle

  90"              60 X 60         52 X 120
  108"             72 X 71         72 X 120
  120"             84 X 84         84 X 132
  132"             90 X 90         90 X 156

 Rectangle cut rounded for 30'' drop
Picture Frame Border Tablecloths 60 x 60, 60 x 90
Ruffled Tablecloths, any size.
Tablecloths also feature 1/2”or 1” Welting for the Display Trade sewing.
Featuring Purl edge overlock or hem.


10 x 10, 20 x 20, 24 x 24
Single or Two Sided Napkins
Featuring Purl edge overlock or hem.


One Way Small Machine Pleat.
Priced by the finished foot cut.
Finished to your sizes.
Large 4” One Way Pleat
Boxed Pleat 3” Box 1” Space
Boxed Pleat 3” Box 3” Space

Chair Covers

Cushion covers
Chair pad covers
Chair seat covers


In addition, we also offer both Drapery Panels and Tent Covers. The company is like a best kept secret in New Jersey. During the Winter Galas, we do not advertise our company name because our regular customers want to keep that secret!

Located in Jersey City, NJ