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Champagne & Roses Elegant Designs
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115 Jefferson Ave
Fairport, NY 14450
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Champagne & Roses Elegant Designs - Rentals

Innovative designs and unique fabrics set us apart from the standard industry chair covers offered by most businesses. Turn an ordinary event into an extraordinary one by adding chair covers for an elegant touch.

Champagne and Roses Elegant Designs was established as a business by Patty Champagne in 2002 while helping to plan her daughter’s wedding. Chair covers for the reception were desired which would be of a unique, elegant style. After not finding a commercial cover style for her taste, she designed one, herself, and commissioned local seamstresses to make a quantity of them. With this small inventory of covers and sashes, Patty formed a business with her daughter Tara to rent these covers and started to add more styles and accessories to expand customers’ options. In 2010, after many successful years, Patty retired and sold the business to Belinda Adams. Continuing in the Mother / Daughter tradition, Belinda is now running the business with her own daughter, Samantha. With its various chair cover styles, sizes, and bow and sash accessories, Champagne and Roses Elegant Designs is proud to continue to be a part of and service to the special events’ market.


The intent of our business is to remain small and concentrated in the Rochester, New York market. We offer cover and accessory set up and takedown service with the rentals to free up our customers’ time so they may more readily relax and enjoy their special event. Maintaining a small geographical market enables this service and allows for a more personal, individual customer interaction to provide high quality help and assistance. As such, we service only the Rochester, NY and immediate area.

Our products are unique and elegant. Our chair covers are better than most because we use the best fabrics and have designed cover patterns to provide a sophisticated and stylish look. We also carry different cover sizes in order to properly fit the size of chair used. Larger banquet and country club style chairs require our larger sizes vs. the standard reception chair style. Different colored sashes and bows are available to add and/or complement colors of the event.

Champagne and Roses Elegant Designs uses only its own covers. We store and maintain several thousands of chair covers along with thousands of accompanying bows / sashes. They are inspected, laundered, pressed and reinspected again after each use. Covers are stored and transported on hangers to keep as wrinkle free as possible.

We are not satisfied unless the customer is satisfied. Since we are a local business serving a local market we ask all perspective customers to personally come and see the particular cover and accessory to be used. Our website offers pictures and descriptions; but the final test of acceptance is seeing the chair cover and bow or sash on the chair. Just call us for an appointment – almost any time is OK.

If we can help to transform your event and add elegance to your memories through our service and products then our goals have been achieved.

Located in Fairport, NY