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Chicago Chocolate Fountain
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212 South Forest Ave
Hillside, IL 60162
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Chicago Chocolate Fountain - Rentals

What Makes Us Sweet
Desiring to bring the city that works a reward for its efforts, Chicago Chocolate Fountain is the first company in the Chicago metropolitan area, incorporated in 2003, dedicated strictly to chocolate fountains and making them available locally to the general public. We believe our business philosophy is as unique as our product because we put integrity and honesty before profit.

We are proud to feature American made fountains by Buffet Enhancements . In addition, we use the finest in chocolate, Callebaut , imported from Belgium.

Located centrally near the convergence of I-290, I-294, I-88 and I-55 we have great access to the entire region.

Whether you choose a self service or full service option, we will give you the personal attention you deserve for planning your next event.

The Fountains!
The Chocolate Fountains that we provide for you are designed to be a seamless fit to your event. The high quality stainless steel construction coupled with a non-pump motor provide a quiet and sleek addition to your event space.  And with four sizes available, we are able to offer you a fountain that best meets your needs without excessively adding to your budget.  We've provided technical specifications below, but we would also like to invite you to view photos and watch video of the Fountains by visitingThe CCF Experience section of our site.

Any size fountain can serve any number of people by replenishment of chocolate; however, the number of guests listed in the table reflects the common usage. The choice of fountain size for an event is better estimated by room size or guest capacity.

Nichole had some of her first experiences with us at the bridal shows, which for her was a bonus because she was herself getting married soon. As a recent bride, she understands the expectations one has when planning a wedding and does her best to treat the bride and groom as she would want to be treated. Nichole enjoyed dipping into her own chocolate fountain without having to clean it up! Jose got to do that!!

We do not accept requests for particular attendants. These bios are here just to aquaint our customers with our staff.

Located in Hillside, IL