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D.J. Dave Lash / Dave Lash Entertainment
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491 north washington street
Springfield, MA 01007
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D.J. Dave Lash / Dave Lash Entertainment - Rentals

In 1980, what started as a dream working with used equipment and borrowed music, eventually became my part time career! I’ve learned things like:...

You can please most people almost all of the time.
Learn from the mistakes, and avoid repeating them.
 Set up very early, go through the preparations 3 to 4 times, and expect last minute changes.
To always keep an open mind knowing there’s always room for improvement.
Always keep a good attitude and be prepared for virtually anything.
                        (I took communication skills classes , went to D.J. seminars, learned  basic  motivational dance steps, always  updating the equipment,  brought a backup system,  and list of D.J.s. for back-up too.) 

I’ve served in many types of private parties ( Jack & Jills, school dances, Father/Daughter Dances, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Banquets, Holiday parties, ). The last 15 years I’ve specialized in custom wedding !  Why? It is my greatest challenge in making the Bride & Grooms day exactly as they  wanted. Let me explain:

I’ve seen D.J.s who are aggressive, obnoxious, insensitive, doesn’t play your requests, doesn’t talk, talks too much, TOO LOUD, burnt out by 2 weddings that day, drinking on the job, lacks enthusiasm, doesn’t work well with the Photographer and Videographer. (And we still haven’t covered the music!) The list goes on & on..

                   That is why I get so involved in your wedding reception needs. Think about , can you afford to have a cheap D.J. ruin it?  That is why I give a free consultation. Every wedding reception is unique and special. I make the time to meet your needs.


Why pick Dave Lash?

I am the one serving you, not someone else.
I give a free 2 hour consultation.
I love people…especially the B & G (Bride and Groom).
I will be very involved in your reception.
I can handle your last minute changes.
I bring a back-up system with music.
I bring a B & G wedding emergency kit.
I work well with the photographer and videographer. No shots are missed.
I don’t drink, smoke, or use foul language.
I serve 1 wedding a day, not 2.
I am experienced in this career, since 1980.
I purchase the edited versions of music.
I have a character that will not embarrass anyone…including your grandmother.
I set the sound level comfortably, not ear piercing.
I start setting up 2 hours early (and prepare early).
I have many current referrals of my past brides served. Ask them yourselves!
I have 2 vans (1 as the primary and the 2nd as a back-up).
I have a DC to AC 1000 watt power inverter for loss of power or for a secluded location.
I bring both a tuxedo & a suit for proper attire.
I bring a list of local Justice of the Peace Officiates “just in case”.
I offer serving the wedding, social hour, and reception in most cases.

Located in Springfield, MA