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Elegant Chair Covers LLC
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35465 Ellsworth
Sterling Heights, MI 48312
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Elegant Chair Covers LLC - Rentals

At Elegant Chair Covers & Linens, we specialize in weddings, engagements, communions, and other events. We provide a wide selection of professional, exquisite, and elegant chair covers, linens, and fabrics of your choosing.

Let us be the ones to make your special occasion truly what you always dream of. Our goal is to exceed the dreams and visions of our clients each and every time.

Please check back often for our specials through the year.

Elegant Chair Covers & Linens offers a wide variety of beautiful, exquisite, enlightening selection of chair covers, table linens, and napkins, for any special occasion you dream of. Based in Michigan, our goal is to exceed the customers' imagination and to pass their expectations on high levels. Our promise is to make your special occasion one you will never forget.

Elegant Chair Covers & Linens gives customers reasonable pricing packages that will fit your budget. We pride ourselves in including free delivery, setup, and pick up in all of our packages. Furthermore, we provide specials for different occasions throughout the year. Not only can you now have the occasion you have always envisioned, but you can also have it at a reasonable price.

At Elegant Chair Covers & Linens, our chair covers, table linens, and sash are always pressed and steamed, giving them that new elegant look and feel. Our looks sets a level of
unprecedented custom abilities of your choosing for any of your special occasions. Elegant Chair Covers & Linens turns imagination into reality. Transform an ordinary occasion into something spectacular with us. Let Elegant Chair Covers & Linens make that day of yours truly special.

Located in Sterling Heights, MI