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Gamin Ride
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Chanhassen, MN 55317
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Gamin Ride - Rentals

Gamin' Ride is a Mobile Video Game Theater which features XBOX, Wii or Wii U, and PS3 in a state of the art Lounge.

The Gamin' Ride parks right in front of your house, at a park, school, office or anywhere people want to have fun! Within seconds of pulling up the entire theater opens up to reveal a club inside featuring huge flat screen TV's, Vibrating Seating that respond to the effects of the Games, sounds and special effect lightning to make this The Ultimate Interactive Party Experience.

We have theaters that are equipped to entertain over 24 guests at one time. Because we feature all the consoles on-board, no matter what the weather is like all guests can play their favorite game on their favorite console.

There is plenty of room inside for people to sit, stand, walk around, and dance! You can't do this in a van!

The entire party is being hosted by experienced Game Gurus who love games, fun and kids!
They create the excitement, bring everyone together and keep the party going! They also take all of the candid photos and video during the event and at the end of the party produce a 5-minute slideshow featuring photos and videos for all guests to watch. Then they upload the photos online and give all the guests a photo card with a special password to access the pictures. The party continues with never ending memories!

Gamin' Ride has a lot to offer!
In addition to the Mobile Video Game Theater Gamin' Ride offers Outdoor Laser Tag, Hydro Wars, Bumper Balls, iDance, Sumo Wrestling, Laser Maze and much more!

Let us take care of everything! Exclusively offered on Gamin' Ride is Pucker Powder, a very unique "Interactive Candy Experience", Photo Key chains, Photo Folders, T-Shirts, Tattoos, Wristbands, Water Bottles and more! One stop shop! Gamin' Ride, Games with Horse Power!

Don't be fooled! Make sure you ask these questions when choosing a Party Provider!
If you are considering other companies make sure you ask these questions before making your decision:

Does your theater have vibrating special effect seating? (Like Disney attractions)
Do you have trained first-aid certified hosts that keep all the guests interacting with one another and having fun?
Is there room for guests to stand, walk around, play music games and dance?
Do you have all the consoles on EVERY TV inside?
Are your theaters handicapped accessible?
Do you have 1 on 1 Client Agents devoted to assisting clients plan the best event?
Do you include invitations so we can get the guests pumped up?
Do you have climate controlled theaters for all weather types?
The Answers to ALL these questions is YES! Gamin' Ride provides it all.

Located in Chanhassen, MN