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McLendon Photography
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11420 Running Brush Ln
Austin, TX 78717
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After being guests at numerous weddings and countless holiday parties, we started to notice a trend with the typical vending machine type photo booths.  The focus on the people went away.  The focus appeared to be on backdrops and face covering, silly props.  We set out to change this.  We decided to design our photo booth from the ground up and focus on three core principles:

The focus should be on the people and the connections they have with each other.

We provide the highest image quality possible.  With our full frame professional camera and giant studio light we'll make all of your guests look amazing.  There are no compromises.

Make things easy for the guests so that they can focus on having a great time.

Our Philosophy is to create incredible images of the people that mean the most to you while you're together.  Why not get the most incredible group shots of your favorite people while you have them all together?


Located in Austin, TX