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Moore P.A. Hire- Sound, Lighting, Video, Staging
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New York City, NY 10014
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Moore P.A. Hire- Sound, Lighting, Video, Staging - Rentals

We are a team of honest, hard-working, highly specialized professionals who take pride in our craft. As experienced technicians and engineers, we listen intently to your concerns and specifications in order to create a sound and feel just right for your event. Every step of the way, from load-in through to load-out, we provide flawless execution and are vigilant when it comes to keeping within your time frame and budget.

With more than fifteen years working in and around New York City, and with an impressive list of (repeat) clients, we pride ourselves on delivering excellence and provide full-circle customer support.

Whether you are planning a corporate event, product launch, concert, outdoor rallies, fashion show, theatrical performance, sporting event or intimate reception, MOORE PA HIRE offers our clients total commitment to achieving a meaningful and memorable experience.


"I should like to express my gratitude for the remarkable services rendered by Moore PA Hire Inc. during the TV One Walter Kaitz Foundation After Party on Wednesday, Oct 9th in New York. I was very pleased with the quality of service your company provides. I sincerely appreciate your responsiveness and the way you and your team conduct business. I look forward to doing business with you for years to come." - Jessica Jones

"We were delighted by the team's care and attention to detail. They really got it right and helped us over our fear of head mics. Keeping the sound at the perfect level throughout our presentations was so important to us and they mastered that. We look forward to using them again for future events." - Diane Mirlicourtois

"We hired MOORE PA HIRE for the FDNY PIPES AND DRUMS 50th anniversary held at Citifield this past September. We had our hands full planning a party for 1000 people, but from the minute we meet Cathal Moore we knew that one thing we were not going to have to worry about would be the sound, lighting, stage, and overall appearance of the venue. He is a professional and a perfectionist. His work is amazing and his staff is great. He made our party into a great event. Thank you." - Tim McGuire

"Thank you very much for being the consummate professional in staging and managing the Gala - you and your team did a phenomenal job! We truly appreciate this, given the fact that three weeks before the event, we informed you that we didn't have a budget for sound, light and video, and you subsequently accepted another job. Upon second thought, with only two days before the event and no time to spare, you came to our rescue by covering your other job and giving us one thousand percent of your effort. This was much more than anyone could have asked for or expected, and it made all the difference for the evening. Without your expertise, the venue would not have been as vibrant or as professionally staged and equipped as it needed to be, our entertainers would not have been showcased appropriately, and our guests would have left with less than what we intended to give them." - Frank, Brendan, John and Mike

Located in New York City, NY