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Orlando Productions
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Orlando, FL 32809
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Orlando Productions - Rentals

Founded in 2008, it has been the mission of Orlando Productions to work closely with clients teams to integrate their vision with our technical knowledge and execution for the best experience possible.

From the very beginning, Orlando Productions’ outlook was one of infinite potential – nothing is  impossible. Because our Founder and CEO Jesse Durlin began building his company by investing his time, resources, and efforts in understanding our client’s bottom-line needs, while emphasizing their desire to produce engaging events, in only 8 years he has created an international platform with a solid foundation of partnership-based client relationships.‚Äč  

Orlando Productions is a partnership-focused boutique of Audio, Visual, & Lighting tech services offering custom-design solutions for live venues.  Specializing in every aspect of the event industry, Orlando Productions uses cutting-edge technology to bring audiences a full-spectrum experience and provide innovative solutions for hosts, speakers, and entertainers wanting to keep their guests engaged.

Our Founder & CEO, Jesse Durlin brings a multitude of experiences in audio visual prior to the start of Orlando Productions. His competitive advantage is to stay ahead of trends through innovation and finding methods for simplifying complex systems. Born and raised in Pennsylvania, Jesse migrated south and stayed not just for the warmth, but for the opportunities Orlando offers as well. From working for companies such as PRG, ProMedia, PSAV & AVHQ to co-owning a company titled “Events AV” Jesse possesses a high level of technical and business expertise continuing to expand with the rapid growth of Orlando Productions. Additionally, his business ethics and loyalty have allowed him to maintain reputable partnerships over the years and continues to grow our client base.

Brandon's devotion to excellence no matter the challenge has been his mantra since early in his career. Now with nine years of experience in corporate and association events Brandon has been lead on every branch of the production tree, lighting - scenic - audio - video - content - and project management.  Working with a team is his favorite part of the job, “Nothing is more rewarding than seeing your work come to life and having a team working along side you to share it with.”  

Jamin Wehlau comes with 15-years of experience in the industry. He is a veteran Corporate Account Manager and started his career as a Technical Director in the corporate hotel A/V industry over a decade ago. Originally from Clearwater, Florida Wehlau handles client-relations with our partners from project management tasks to, PnL’s, budgeting and event design. As the lead of our Lighting Department and a key designer on our Design Team, Wehlau has a focus on unique creations for all sizes of shows. In addition to his creativity and business practices, he is an active tech with extensive knowledge in cutting-edge A/V and an expert audio engineer. His expertise in the audio area comes from a background in Music & Concert Audio Engineering. He is a challenge-seeker who enjoys thinking outside the box to find new solutions to old problems.

Located in Orlando, FL