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Photo Booth Rental
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84-64 169 street
New York, NY 11432
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Photo Booth Rental - Rentals

We guarantee the BEST PRICE!

We will beat any price quote from any other real photo booth company.
We offer a real Arcade style photo booth. Our photo booth used to be set up in a mall.

Beware of other companies offering homemade photo booths. Beware of any photo booths made of paneling, all curtains or pipes and drapes.
We have the fastest and highest quality printer on the market.

We use a sub-dye printer that prints in just 7 seconds. Since our printer is so fast more of your guests can use our photo booth. Our photos are high-quality so our photo strips can be submerged in water without the colors and ink running. High Quality means long lasting.
The Best most unique features on the market.

We not only take high-quality fast photos. We can print strips for everyone so if 4 people take a photo all 4 get a copy. We can also print a 4x6 of your favorite photo. We can email the photos to your guests. Best of all we can collect a 30 second video message capturing those heart felt moments.
We can set up anywhere.

We offer a real photo booth that can come apart. Our photo booth can go up stairs, through single doors and elevators.
We guarantee to be the be best photo booth at the most affordable price.

We provide a real traditional style Photo Booth Rentals. We look forward to giving your guest a memorable photo strip from our Photo Booth Rental. We make great Photo Booth Rentals for weddings, birthdays, corporate parties and all events. Now serving Photo Booth Rentals Long Island. Request a quote today!

Located in New York, NY