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Rays of Light
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641 Sw 100 ave
South Florida, FL 33025
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Rays of Light - Rentals

We can provide you everything from elegant wall washing and stylish monogram projections to powerful energy producing dance floor robotic intelligent lighting. We can transform simple beige walls and venues into elegant social events creating moods with color washes, drapery, images and gobos to create the perfect ambiance for every gathering from weddings to corporate to galas to concerts.

We are happy to provide complimentary site surveys. We'll meet with you in your venue to give the most accurate quotes. We know you understand that lighting is one of the most critical elements to the overall success of your event. Lighting directs attention, sets a mood and gives the "wow" factor to your event. Rays of Light will work with your color scheme and theme to incorporate only colors and special lighting fixtures that compliment your vision. We will work within your budget and give you your lighting experience, feel and look like a masterpiece.

Imagine a beautiful room, great entertainment, stunning flowers and fantastic food but what is the missing layer?  Now imagine your rooms walls and ceilings bathed in pink or amber, then accented in different shades of these colors.  Picture your dance floor surrounded with color and moving patterns that dance to the music via a professional light board operator that stays for your entire event.

Our Services include:Spotlighting Grand Entrance/First Dance
Custom Wedding Traditionals
Uplighting (Wall Washing)
Custom Monogram Projections
Lavish Drapery
Acrylic Illuminated Bars
Pinspotting Centerpieces
Computer Operated Robotic Intelligent Lighting

Glen MacArthur began his career designing lighting for haunted houses in 1986. After mastering the art of illusion with lights he went on to design lights for staged events that requiring ascending and highlighting theatrical costumes. Today he is creating the perfect ambience for any kind of event through his passion for lighting lavish events in South Florida.

Located in South Florida, FL