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Razzor Floor
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9782 Santiago Bl
Orange, CA 92867
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Razzor Floor - Rentals

Why RAZZOR?  Because the seams are so small you cannot fit a razor blade in between the two panels!


Go to our PERSONAL floor page for a look at our new, small floors for home use.


Dance floors can make or break a dance event.  Whether it's Ballroom, West Coast Swing or Salsa, the floor is an integral part of the event. 


After years of research and many prototypes, our design stands alone among the many designs of dance floors around the country.  It has an indestructible interlocking design using magnetic technology which will not allow any shift or separation in the panels.  We also have our economy floors that screw together.  See our design page to see what makes Razzor Floors different than all other floors on the market.


I've been dancing west coast swing for over 22 years and have done my homework on different flooring.  It took a while, but I believe my floors will give you a wonderful dancing experience and will out-last and out-perform other floors currently on the market.  - Bruce Gleason, owner

Ever wanted a floor all your own?  One that can easily be placed in an area of your home in minutes but feels like a real competition dance floor?  Now you can with our PERSONAL floors by Razzor. 

Our competition floors are large and heavy - 5x5 feet and 75 lbs.  But our PERSONAL floors are a quarter the size and weight and has a new self-locking design that will make the floor nearly assemble itself.  The panels are 2.5 x 2.5 feet square, and have the same beautiful solid maple borders of our competition floors. 

You can assemble a 10'x10' floor in about 12 minutes and it will feel and look like one solid piece of solid floor.  The seams are nearly invisible and cannot be felt with your dance shoes on.  

See our Pricing structure on our Rentals and Purchase Prices page.

You can choose between our economy bordersor our solid maple Premium borders.


Please use our CONTACTS page if you are interested in purchasing your own personal dance floor.  Let us konw what size you want and where you live so we can calculate the shipping.


The color of the floor is the same as our competition floors.  We can produce the floos in cherry or oak as well, but the minimum order for custom floors is 800 sq ft.  We can produce any size floor in black.  


Located in Orange, CA