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Say Cheese Photo Booth
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8307 B Bradford Edward Cove
Austin, TX 78759
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Say Cheese Photo Booth - Rentals

Todd’s vision to create the best photo booth rental company in America, started simply enough back in late 2007, with just one booth and a desire to work hard.  Timing being everything, he was lucky enough to be the first photo booth company Austin and Central Texas.  Hoping to do around 50 events in 2008, he was pleasantly surprised to do 126!  This number grew to 201 events in 2009 and to 309 events by 2010!

In the years since, Say Cheese has grown to 13 booths, won 10 industry awards, and has expanded to cover College Station, Horseshoe Bay, Houston, San Antonio, Waco and all points in between.  Last year alone, the team did 544 events throughout Texas.

This is due in no small part to the dedication and efforts of the entire team.  The team is also very active in the event community including the NACE, ISES and NEAWP organizations.

Located in Austin, TX