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Horseshoe Farm Carriage Service
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19359 Raymond Rd.
Marysville, OH 43040
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Horseshoe Farm Carriage Service - Transportation


We are  Ron & Linda Schilling Sr.

Ron has been training horses all his life. His younger years under saddle, but now mostly driving. We have 12 Haflingers. 3 teams of geldings [Nash & Anthony, Toby & Keith, and Ace & Amos]. A gelding (Wesson) broke to ride and a young gelding [Willie] we got last fall. We will be working with this winter.

Our mares consist of a team Anna & Mara and also Misty. The winter is our training time. Spring and summer we bale our own hay and we have a 4-H club that we try to work with plus Ron also gives lessons. Ron works a full time job and does the carriage service on the side. 

Our services consist of carriage rides, proms, weddings,parades, dances, wagon rides, special occasions, santa visits, sliegh rides and much more. Be sure to check out our site and photo gallery to see what all we have to offer. Be sure to contact us early for your special events in order to book the date that works best for you and to get a price quote.


Do not do weddings in down town Columbus.

Located in Marysville, OH