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Las Vegas Balloon Rides
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Las Vegas, NV 89031
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Las Vegas Balloon Rides - Hot Air Balloon Rides in Las Vegas, NV


We are your premier hot air balloon ride provider specializing in sunrise champagne balloon flights and weddings, all year round. The only family owned and operated, full time balloon ride company in Las Vegas with a 100% perfect safety record. A balloon ride with us isn’t just a check off of your bucket list- it is an experience that you will remember for the rest of your life!

A flight with us includes a high resolution photo package (available for download!), a full breakfast (eggs, bacon, potatoes, pancakes… the works!) and a champagne toast following your safe return.


We offer the following options 365 days per year:

- ​Sunrise Hot Air Balloon Flights ($345 per person)

- Private Hot Air Balloon Flights (+$100 per person)

- High Altitude Hot Air Balloon Flights (+$150 per person)


For your perfect proposal, or even your wedding ceremony, we offer sunrise flights, private flights, high altitude flights, and other special requests. You are guaranteed a beautiful view of the awe-inspiring Las Vegas valley with views of both the scenic landscapes and the big city! There is NO other way to experience Las Vegas quite like a balloon ride with us. Make the most out of your time in Las Vegas and call today!


Things to know:

 - All Hot Air Balloon flights are weather dependent
- An additional charge may be added to any passengers weighing over 250 pounds
- Complimentary hotel transportation is available
- We recommend you schedule your flight as early in your stay as possible
- Dress as if you were walking outside, no additional clothing required
- Close-toed, flat-soled shoes required, NO heels or sandals
- Hats are recommended

Located in Las Vegas, NV