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Lottie Ponies Livery & Carriage, LLC
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28880 N 70th st
Scottsdale, AZ 85266
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Lottie Ponies Livery & Carriage, LLC - Horse carriage in Phoenix, AZ

All of our wagons, carriages, horses and mules can be decorated in your color scheme with drivers attired to fit your wedding theme! Add an extra horse or mule to one of our single horse carriages to make you photos even more unique for just $200 more. 



White Vis-a-Vis Carriage - $900
4 Passenger pulled by a draft horse 

Maroon and Black Canadian Wagon - $1000
10 Passenger pulled by a pair of fine draft horses 

Hay Wagon - $1100
30 Passenger pulled by two draft horses 



What's Included:
Decorations including Lights or Holiday décor
Banners including Proposals and/or "Just Married"
3 hours of unlimited rides and photo ops (you provide photographer)



Located in Scottsdale, AZ